...................hello fellows
..................please follow
..................... my day ..


day 068
Anne Frank - Exhibition at the Old Library


day 067
..where is the love..?
....on the street....
word of the day:


day 066
. today on my way to the university something really strange happened..
firstly i was blinded by very strong light from the sky
so i closed my eyes
and then i've heard somebody weeping..
i localized the sound and then to my surprise I found the creature lying on the pavement
strangely it was the same colors i was wearing that day
when it saw me it smiled and said ma ma..
so i took it home
the end.
i'm trying now to come up with the name for it ... please help..
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day 061
.60 days on elm street!.
word of the day:


day 060
..did my first final picture for photograms project.. did took a while to get to that point! BARCELOOONAAAA!!
word of the day:


day 059

..today I developed my first medium b&w film on my own.. rrrrarrr have even some pictures on it :)
word of the day:


day 058
..today i did my first film roll on mamiya - sweet sweet camera [analogue love]..
word of the day:


day 057
word of the day:


day 056
.big city lights - one day trip to london..
word of the day:


day 055
..cold as ice..
word of the day:


day 054
word of the day:


day 053
..quick trip to the cardiff bay..
have seen Fantastic Mr. Fox - and he is fantastic
see it yourself

doctor? doctor who? doctor why? doctor when?

word of the day:


day 052
..go go gatt's camera..

word of the day:


day 051
..photogram's 3M project in process - Day 3
3M = Miasto. Masa. Maszyna.
3M = City. Masses. Machine.

word of the day:


day 050
..photogram's 3M project in process - Day 2
3M = Miasto. Masa. Maszyna.
3M = City. Masses. Machine.

word of the day:


day 049
..photogram's 3M project in process
3M = Miasto. Masa. Maszyna.
3M = City. Masses. Machine.

word of the day:


day 048
my top five cities of Europe:
Barcelona, Łódź, Manchester, Stockholm, Berlin..

word of the day: RE·AS·SEM·BLE

re·as·sem·bled, re·as·sem·bling, re·as·sem·bles
To bring or gather together again:
reassembled the band for a reunion tour.
To fit or join the parts of (something) together again:
reassembled the toaster after fixing it.
pol. ponownie: montować, składać, zbierać się, gromadzić,


day 047
.thanks gatt it's reading week..

word of the day: SIN⋅IS⋅TER

sin⋅is⋅ter⋅ly, sin⋅is⋅ter⋅ness
Threatening or portending evil, harm, or trouble; ominous: a sinister remark.
Bad, evil, base, or wicked; fell: his sinister purposes.
Unfortunate; disastrous; unfavorable: a sinister accident.
Of or on the left side; left.
pol. złowróżbny, złowieszczy, złowrogi, ponury
Synonyms: inauspicious, portentous, unlucky.
Antonyms: benign. favorable.


day 046
"..what big eyes you have!
All the better to see with, my child" ..

word of the day: GRUE⋅SOME

grue⋅some⋅ly, grue⋅some⋅ness
Causing great horror; horribly repugnant; grisly: the site of a gruesome murder.
Full of or causing problems; distressing: a gruesome day at the office.
pol. okropny, makabryczny, straszny


day 045
..reflections in reflection reflecting reflection..
word of the day: NEAT

neatly, neatness,
In a pleasingly orderly and clean condition: a neat room.
Habitually orderly and clean in appearance or habits: a neat person.
Of a simple, pleasing appearance, style, design, etc.: a neat cottage.
Cleverly effective in character or execution: a neat scheme; a neat solution.
Slang - great; wonderful; fine: What a neat car!
Clever, dexterous, or apt: She gave a neat characterization of the old woman.
pol. czysty, elegancki, gustowny, porządny, staranny, akuratny, systematyczny, bez domieszek, nierozcieńczony, (US) doskonały
Synonyms: spruce, smart. finished, well-planned. adroit.
Antonyms: sloppy. maladroit.



day 044
..remember remember the fifth of november..

DIY episode 2 'brooch'
word of the day: AT·TAIN
at·tained, at·tain·ing, at·tains, at·tain'a·bil'i·ty, at·tain'a·ble·ness, at·tain'a·ble, at⋅tain⋅er
To gain as an objective; achieve: attain a diploma by hard work.
To succeed in reaching.
To succeed in a directed effort, process, or progression: attained to high office.
pol. osiągać; zdobywać


day 043
..home sweet home..
unfortunately not mine
word of the day: PRO⋅FOUND

pro·found·er, pro·found·est, pro⋅found⋅ly, pro⋅found⋅ness,
Penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge; having deep insight or understanding: a profound thinker.
Originating in or penetrating to the depths of one's being; profound grief.
Being or going far beneath what is superficial, external, or obvious: profound insight.
Of deep meaning; of great and broadly inclusive significance: a profound book.
Pervasive or intense; thorough; complete: a profound silence.
pol. głęboki, gruntowny, szeroki
Synonyms: deep, sagacious.
Antonyms: shallow, superficial


day 042
..christmas waves a magic wand over this world..
but why now?! two months left to christmas
christmas trees are spread already all over the town

word of the day: EX⋅AG⋅GER⋅ATE

ex⋅ag⋅ger⋅at⋅ing⋅ly, ex⋅ag⋅ger⋅a⋅tor, ex·ag·ger·at·ed, ex·ag·ger·at·ing, ex·ag·ger·ates
verb (used with object) To magnify beyond the limits of truth; overstate; represent disproportionately.
To increase or enlarge abnormally: Those shoes exaggerate the size of my feet.
verb (used without object) To employ exaggeration, as in speech or writing: a person who is always exaggerating.
pol. przesadzać; wyolbrzymiać
synonyms: embellish, amplify, embroider, inflate
antonyms: minimize


day 041
..combination of old and new..

word of the day: EM·BARK

em·barked, em·bark·ing, em·barks
verb (used without object)
To board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle, as for a journey.
To start an enterprise, business, etc.
verb (used with object)
To put or receive on board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.
To involve (someone) in an enterprise.
To venture or invest (something) in an enterprise.
pol. wziąć/wsiąść na pokład, zaokrętować; ~ (on/upon) rozpoczynać, brać udział (w)


day 040
..for souls..

word of the day: E⋅VOKE

e⋅voked, e⋅vok⋅ing, e·vokes, ev'o·ca·ble, e⋅vok⋅er
verb (used with object)
To call up or produce (memories, feelings, etc.): to evoke a memory.
To elicit or draw forth: His comment evoked protests from the shocked listeners.
To call up; cause to appear; summon: to evoke a spirit from the dead.
To produce or suggest through artistry and imagination a vivid impression of reality.
pol. wywoływać, przywoływać, przypominać
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